We founded this firm in 2010 on a bold model: a full service and independent structure, fully aware of being a challenger in a globalized and highly competitive market.

Making this plan succeed involves strenuous requirements: excellence, pragmatism, international awareness and intuitu personae approach. We cultivate such values, almost with jealousy, as cardinal points. To this must be added the strong commitment to keep costs manageable, for our clients as for ourselves.

Convinced that the law should not be reduced to a discussion of technical points, our approach on projects and issues feeds on a genuine knowledge of companies and institutions: a know-how patiently put together over the years.

Welcome to Guillemin Flichy.


La precisión de los motivos enunciados en la carta de despido laboral: Un nuevo proceso implementado por los “decretos Macron”

Por Stéphane Flichy y Manon Pous El decreto n°2017-1385 de 22 de septiembre de 2017 relativo a la previsibilidad y a la mejora de la seguridad de las condiciones de trabajo ha introducido una medida que permite al empresario, por su propia iniciativa o a petición del empleado, precisar los motivos del despido tras la notificación del mismo (artículo L. 1235-2 del Código laboral y de la seguridad s...

Labor law reform: new procedure of specification of the motives stated in a dismissal letter

By Stéphane Flichy and Manon Pous Ordinance n°2017-1385 of 22 September 2017 on the predictability and securing of working conditions introduced a measure whereby the employer, on its own initiative or at the request of the employee, may clarify the motivation of a dismissal after its notification (article L. 1235-2 of the Employment Code). This measure entered into force on 17 December 2017, i...

L’Agence Française Anticorruption (AFA) clôt la consultation publique sur ses recommandations relatives aux programmes de conformité

Par Thibault Guillemin et Antoine Delacarte L’AFA a clos sa consultation publique sur le contenu de ses futures recommandations, qui détailleront les modalités pratiques de mise en œuvre programme de conformité découlant de l’article 17 de la loi n°2016-1691 du 9 décembre 2016 dite « Sapin 2 ». 1. Pourquoi cette consultation publique ? L’AFA contrôle le respect, par les entreprises, de...

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