Assisting compliance officers in implementing compliance programs

Regulatory and criminal liability audits

Social aspects of compliance programs

In-house trainings

Internal investigation

Compliance-related litigation
Assisting companies in case of control by the French Anticorruption Agency (discovery, employee interviews, witness testimony, searches, hearings, pre-litigation proceedings)

Representation before the Enforcement Committee of the French Anticorruption Agency

Appeals against injunctions and monetary sanctions issued by the Enforcement Committee of the French Anticorruption Agency

Negotiation and validation of negotiated agreements with the competent prosecuting authorities for the settlement of corruption-related cases

Advising and assisting in the implementation of monitoring programs

Setting up internal whistleblowing channels

Criminal and social obligations towards whistleblowers

Legal assistance in post-alert situations

Criminal, social or regulatory litigation related to whistleblowing

Data integrity and privacy


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