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Compliance in M&A Transactions


Compliance in M&A Transactions

Thibault Guillemin interviewed by Dalloz Formation on Compliance in M&A Transactions : a Practical Focus Both on AFA's Last Guidelines and the French Supreme Court's Last Ruling.

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Septembre 2021

Présentation de l'entreprise

Guillemin Flichy fournit aux entreprises une prestation juridique à forte valeur ajoutée sur tous leurs projets d’investissements et d’innovation, leurs dispositifs de compliance, ainsi que dans le cadre de leurs contentieux.


Profil recherché

Vous êtes élève avocat et/ou titulaire d’un Master 2 spécialisé en droit social, idéalement complété d'une double formation (LLM, IEP ou école de commerce). Une excellente pratique de la langue anglaise est indispensable. Capable d'une rédaction rigoureuse, concise et argumentée, vous serez également apprécié(e) pour votre culture juridique de haut niveau, votre pragmatisme et votre enthousiasme à l'idée d'effectuer un stage au sein d’une structure dynamique et entrepreneuriale.


Descriptif du poste

Vous interviendrez sur des dossiers de conseil et de contentieux pour une clientèle institutionnelle de premier plan, sur des problématiques juridiques variées, en lien avec les autres équipes du cabinet (IP/IT, commercial, public et pénal).


Candidature à envoyer soit à l'adresse recrutement@guilleminflichy.com, soit directement sur notre site internet

Thibault guillemin Interviewed by Florence Duprat on B Smart TV


Thibault guillemin Interviewed by Florence Duprat on B Smart TV

Thibault Guillemin was last Friday the guest of Florence Duprat in the program SmartLex, broadcast by the new channel B Smart.

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Ranking Leaders League 2021 | HUMAN CAPITAL & LABOR LAW


Ranking Leaders League 2021 | HUMAN CAPITAL & LABOR LAW

Ranking Leaders League 2021 - Our #socialteam again greatly distinguished!

  • Highly Recommended for :
    • High-risk litigation and criminal Labor Law,
  • Recommended for:
    • Social Aspects of M&A & Workforce Audits,
    • Collective Bargaining and social relation
    • Mobility and Expatriation
    • Collective and individual compensation
    • Reorganizations, socials programs, and related litigation

Thanks to all of our clients for their unwavering trust.

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U.S. imposes wide array of economic sanctions against Russia


U.S. imposes wide array of economic sanctions against Russia

On April 15, 2021, the United States imposed a broad array of economic sanctions on Russia, reacting to its interference in last year’s U.S. election, its cyber hacking, bullying Ukraine and other alleged malign actions. 


US President thus broadened the sanctions regime against Russia by signing an Executive Order :


  • Blocking the property of several persons operating in the technology and defense sectors of the Russian economy.
  • The EO also authorizes the Department of Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to sanction Russian entities that have engage in a series of actions, on behalf of the Russian government, including transnational corruption, actions or policies that undermine foreign democratic processes or institutions.

 Accordingly, the Treasury blacklisted 32 entities and individuals, tied to the Russian intelligence services, that it said had carried "acts of disinformation and interference.


In addition, Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is issuing a directive that generally prohibits U.S. financial institutions from taking part in the primary market for rouble-denominated Russian sovereign bonds from June 14.


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The Paris’ Court of Appeal upheld the sentence of the artist Jeff Koons for counterfeiting


The Paris’ Court of Appeal upheld the sentence of the artist Jeff Koons for counterfeiting

Ruling on appeal from a judgment of November the 8, 2018, the Court of Appeal confirmed that the sculpture "Fait d'hiver" by Jeff Koons, exhibited at the end of 2014 at the Pompidou Museum in Paris during a retrospective exhibition devoted to the American artist's work, infringed copyrights held on a photograph also titled "Fait d'hiver" and exhibited in the mid-eighties as part of an advertising campaign of the Naf Naf company.

Thereby, the Court of Appeal successively rejected the arguments brought by the famous artist and his rights management company, seeking in particular to benefit from the exception of parody, whereas according to the Court, nothing allowed the public to understand the reference to the pre-existing photograph and thus sense its parodic dimension, and then to demonstrate that Koons’ freedom of artistic expression should prevail over such prior rights.

Finally, judges emphasized that since Jeff Koons is an artist of major importance on the art market, he should have spontaneously sought consent from the author of the work that he would use as his source of inspiration.

CA Paris, 5, 1, 23 février 2021, n° 19/09059

Publication of the AFA annual activity report


Publication of the AFA annual activity report

The French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA) has just published its 2020 annual report.


  • With respect to its consulting activities, 2020 was marked by the revision of the AFA's Guidelines. AFA notably emphasizes the three pillars of the anti-corruption program:
    • Commitment of senior management;
    • Company’s knowledge of its risks through risk mapping;
    • Deployment of a risk management’s system.


  • With respect to its audit activities, AFA initiated 30 new controls in 2020: one monitoring audit, following the CJIP signed with Airbus, and 29 own-initiative audits. AFA notes:
    • Increasing compliance by economic actors with their obligations, even if there is still room for improvement, especially concerning the commitment of the management body;
    • Significant margins for progress remain with regard to public actors.


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Guillemin Flichy Awarded Again


Guillemin Flichy Awarded Again

The magazine #Decideurs ranks the Guillemin Flichy team for 2021 as "Excellent" in corporate criminal law and "Highly recommended" in compliance and internal investigations: we are honored by our clients' trust. #whitecollar #compliance #ranking #lawyers