Publication of the AFA annual activity report


Publication of the AFA annual activity report

The French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA) has just published its 2020 annual report.


  • With respect to its consulting activities, 2020 was marked by the revision of the AFA's Guidelines. AFA notably emphasizes the three pillars of the anti-corruption program:
    • Commitment of senior management;
    • Company’s knowledge of its risks through risk mapping;
    • Deployment of a risk management’s system.


  • With respect to its audit activities, AFA initiated 30 new controls in 2020: one monitoring audit, following the CJIP signed with Airbus, and 29 own-initiative audits. AFA notes:
    • Increasing compliance by economic actors with their obligations, even if there is still room for improvement, especially concerning the commitment of the management body;
    • Significant margins for progress remain with regard to public actors.


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