& Arbitration

Business Litigation
Commercial, contractual and tort litigations

Restrictive competition practices, (discriminatory policies, abuse of economic dependence, wrongful termination of established commercial relationships)

Consumer-related litigation (deceptive marketing and commercial practices, misleading or comparative advertisement, promotional campaigns)

Unfair competition and parasitism (disparagement or economic defamation, breach of non-compete agreements, trademark or brand infringement)
Track record
Product-liability, industrial hazard & insurances
Management of pre-litigation in product-liability situations

Expert proceedings, expert briefs drafting, negotiations

Representing companies before civil, commercial or administrative Courts as well as before arbitration panels

Track record
White-Collar Crime
Legal advice in disputes related to criminal corporate law, criminal employment law and criminal consumer law

Negotiation and validation of negotiated agreements with the competent prosecuting authorities for the settlement of corruption-related cases


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