& Insolvency Procedures

Preventing Difficulties
Analyzing liabilities due and becoming due and assessing whether a potential situation of cessation of payments exists

Setting up of conciliation proceedings or ad hoc mandates under the auspices of experienced legal receivers adapted to the specific case 

CCSF negotiations (rescheduling tax and social debts)

Renegotiation of loans, guarantees packages and security interests
Track record
Preparation in anticipation of safeguard or receivership proceedings and full follow-up of these proceedings throughout

Review and management of the risks of the corporate veil being pierced (liability of the group / of Directors) 

Assisting creditors confronted with the default of a partner, action for recovery of assets 

Monitoring actions against the receiver/ liquidator contesting our client’s claims
Track record
Takeover & restructuring of companies
Elaborating takeover bids and negotiating with the bodies in charge of the proceedings

Negotiating the takeover with banks and lenders

Assisting our clients in transferring failing establishments or subsidiaries without undergoing bankruptcy
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