No investment, no growth.

We assist our clients in their investments at any stage in the life of their company: start-up, growth, crises, acquisition and buyout.

We are involved in both strategic operations alongside our client’s top management and in the day-to-day management of companies, advising their legal and operational departments.

While the small and mid-cap perimeters are our preferred market, we have experience of more complex transactions carried out for CAC 40 and SBF 120 listed companies.


  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Winding up of a complex operation for a television channel involving a cross-shareholdings in a niche activity, which had to be completed over several years. The initial scheme was questioned due to an unexpected takeover by the partner
    • Advising an investment fund under control in its acquisition of an interest in an engineering group after the complete reorganization of the target
    • Advising a company using know-how for its entry into the capital of an investment fund
    • Advising a group of companies in the acquisition of a new cabling activity
    • Vendor Due Diligence for a company specialized in the aeronautics and military sector
  • Collective bargaining & staff representatives issues
    • Advised an employees’ organization candidate to national representativeness at the industry level
    • Advised a representative employer’s organization on the overhaul of the collective bargaining agreement applicable nationwide to the sector
    • Advised a company on the organization of its professional elections in the wake of the full redrafting of applicable laws
  • Financing
    • Assistance on the impacts in France of an international financing involving the transfer of the French subsidiary under a new holding company, as well as the modification of a set of collaterals and guarantees
    • Advising on the establishment of securities and collaterals relating to subsidiaries to which the holding company is indebted to refinance
    • Due diligence of a portfolio of French bank loans in the context of a possible takeover of this portfolio by a European credit institution
  • Management packages
    • Advising a listed company in managing the careers of its expatriates
    • Advising a French group specialized in reorganization consultancy for recasting the management packages of its executive committee
  • Corporate law
    • Follow-up of several portfolios of companies for US industrial or service groups
    • Reshaping and simplifying the organizational chart of a group specialized in financial reporting
    • Day-to-day corporate for listed companies
  • Mass layoff plans
    • Advising the subsidiary of an audiovisual group in terminating a contractor agreement and managing the ensuing social consequences
    • Advising a group of companies in the car industry as part of a project of pooling resources
    • Advising a French industrial group as regards the social consequences of the sale of a business branch
  • Restructuring & Insolvency
    • Audit of several companies confronted with a risk of cessation of payments
    • Assistance of an industrial company in implementing a conciliation plan with banks, negotiation of a rescheduling of the bank debt and issuance of convertible bonds to be subscribed by existing shareholders in order to reduce the external debt under the auspices of the conciliator
    • Advising a group of companies in order to help it choose between safeguard and receivership proceedings for a subsidiary in difficulty, review of the risks incurred for the rest of the group and its directors
    • Full upstream preparation of safeguard proceedings in a logistics company
    • Managing contestations of our clients’ claims before the official receiver
    • Negotiating agreements for the takeover from an operator of unprofitable call-center sites in compensation for a commitment to continue operating and maintain the workforce over an extended period
    • Acquisition of a group of companies operating as aerospace subcontractors as part of a conciliation procedure, partial bank debt assumption after negotiating with the lenders’ representative
    • Assistance of a foreign group in regrouping its French establishments after a merger

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