Litigation is part of our DNA.

We defend our clients before a wide range of jurisdictions and authorities (judicial, administrative and criminal courts, regulators, etc.), regardless of their legal issues.

Our strategic approaches are known for their acumen, even in the most difficult situations.

Efficient and optimal dispute resolution is our priority: litigation must not be an end in itself.

We are experienced in the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques including mediation and arbitration.



  • White Collar Defense
    • Defense of a high-ranking civil servant prosecuted for favoritism and corruption
    • Defended of the legal representative of an international group suspected of gang fraud, forgery and the use of forgeries
    • Defended the CEO of an American company prosecuted for obstruction and endangerment of the life of others
    • Defense of several corporate officers of French industrial group prosecuted for slanderous denunciation
    • Advised a top French company in the context of a judicial cooperation with the US Department of Justice within the framework of the FCPA
    • Advised an significant shareholder of a French company against allegations of organized and fraudulent bankruptcy
    • Defended several financial companies and their officers before the French administrative Supreme Court (Conseil d'Etat) against sanctions issued by the French securities exchange authority (Autorité des Marchés Financiers - AMF)
  • Corporate disputes
    • Assistance of a luxury goods company to pursue claims of unfair competition and parasitism
    • Represented a French non-listed company in a dispute regarding the identity of the owner of 38% of its shares
    • Represented the majority shareholders of a major agri-food corporation against incumbent corporate officers to force a convening of the General Assembly and to reinstate illegally excluded shareholders
    • Represented a company against its former CEO in an alleged unlawful discharge case
    • Court proceedings in order to recover railway equipment rented out to a company under receivership
  • Civil liability
    • Advised a French multinational company on its liability pursuant to the « devoir de vigilance » following a divestiture project in Africa
    • Represented the individual founding members of a healthcare company against a bank seeking to trigger against them the guarantee of a mortgage debt owed by the company
    • Represented a debtor in a proceeding seeking the forced selling of its major real estate asset by judicial auction
  • Collective and individual employment law disputes
    • Defense of a French audiovisual group in a litigation relating to the requalification of contracts as employment contracts initiated by participants in reality shows
    • Represented a national Trade Union before the Conseil d’Etat
    • Advised a French company against a union seeking the annulment of professional elections
  • Discrimination & harrassment
    • Represented a Paris-based international organisation before the ILO tribunal related to an harassment claim
    • Represented a company of the aerospace sector in a litigation against a manager dismissed for moral harassment following an internal investigation
    • Represented a major player of the hospitality industry following the termination of a manager for misconduct and harassment towards an intern
  • IP-IT proceedings
    • Advice and assistance of an IT engineering company in a complex litigation dealing with cybersquatting and SEO on the Internet
    • Advice and assistance of a manufacturer and supplier of sport items, further to the commercialization of a copy of a successfull product of its range of training shoes
    • Assistance of a luxury goods company as to trademarks and designs infringements as well as unfair competition and parasitism
    • Advice and assistance of a company in a software piracy litigation
  • Industrial hazard
    • Representing a foreign company against French subcontractors for bad workmanship and defects in material in the performance of a public procurement contract
    • Representing a listed French company and its contractors in a dispute related to the construction of a production plant
    • Managing the pre-litigation stages of a dispute between two industrial groups regarding the presence of hazardous substances in a manufactured product
  • Cooperation with judicial authorities & regulators
    • Advised a top French company in the context of a judicial cooperation with the US Department of Justice within the framework of the FCPA